Stagnant Worship - Series Introduction

Hey there Worship Exposed fans!

The entire Worship Exposed team would like to thank all of you for participating in last month’s discussion, “The God We Worship”.  The overwhelming positive response we received was extremely appreciated. We genuinely pray that you were challenged and grew in your personal act of worship while reading about the God we worship.

With that said, we are back once again for another month long series we're calling, “Stagnant Worship”.

As a team of worship leaders, the writers here at WE think that this is a very important topic to address in our culture today. What is Stagnant Worship? What does it look like? What are the ingredients of Stagnant Worship? How can you tell if your worship has become stagnated? Is it even possible for Stagnant Worship to even exist? All of these questions and more will be brought up, and discussed by our writing team here at WE this month.

Discussion will begin being post on Monday, October 5th!

 WE look forward to you reading our articles, and look forward to your response!

- The Worship Exposed Team