Generational Worship - Series Introduction


There have probably never been such radical age divisions within the church as there are now in the modern church. Oddly enough, it appears as if churches started become more age-segregated as the modern worship movement began to take place. This would mean the majority of age divisions are not so much due to the preaching of the Word but due to the differences in opinions and styles of music within corporate worship.

Therefore, we believe it is crucial to discuss the topic of generational worship. As a church body, we are not meant to be segregated and divided, especially when it comes to age. Together, the generations are meant to join together to declare and praise the greatness of the Lord and His works.

“One generation shall commend Your works to another,

and shall declare Your mighty acts.”

–Psalm 145:4

Divisions were created to help mend the needs and styles of the given generations. Now, is this entirely bad? Well…not exactly. However, it appears as if we have forgotten what it means to be united as one. The younger generation tends to toss the hymn books, while chasing the current trends in culture, while older generation tends to completely reject modern worship music, while sticking to hymns and traditions.

So what do we do?

We believe that, as true worshippers, we are called to bridge the generational gaps within the church. We want to break the “generational” standards of modern worship in order to become “multi-generational” worshippers.

So, with all that being said, our discussion series will be focused on worship within three main areas:

The Present - The Past - The Future

To start off, we want to discuss the standpoints of worship from each generation – the positives and the negatives and how we can grow from them as the body of Christ.  Then, we want to look forward to the future - what worship will look like when Christ restores all things.


What are the benefits of learning and singing new songs?

What are the benefits of singing the old traditional hymns?

What are the benefits of looking at past generations of church leaders?

What is the harm of completely rejecting an entire generation’s view of worship?

- These are all questions we will answer throughout this series.


Discussion will begin being post on Monday, November 9th!

Come prepared to grow and to be challenged!

God Bless,

The Worship Exposed Team