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You are a Worshipper...

We all are. Christian or not, every human worships. Every time I remember that, it only illuminates all of the idols in my life. Worship is not just singing songs or some form of an alternate lifestyle. Worship is inevitablebut it’s also a matter of choice. Worship is the act of placing our mind’s full attention and our heart’s full affection onto something or someone; however, the only thing worthy of human worship is God. Worship can also involve placing our faith in the wrong things, causing us to fear losing those things. The object of our inevitable worship is what changes the story.

When you think through your life, what or who do you tend to worship?

For me, I struggle not to worship comfort. I’m an American, I’ve never known true poverty or hunger, I have electricity and entertainment at my fingertips around the clock, and I tend to place the comforts of safety and preferences on a pedestal. When the power goes out from a storm, I tend to feel helpless, and I begin to think about the power never coming back on…and even worse, never having Netflix again. Haha, ok, maybe it’s not that severe, but what are those things in your life that you fear losing?

For many, it’s the people in their lives. I truly do fear losing my wife or any of my three kids...even though God Himself has ordered each one of our steps. As hard as it may be for me to understand here on this finite earth, He is solely in charge of the number of our days (Job 14:5). For some, it’s money, and tithing is very difficult…even though all money belongs to God anyway (Psalm 24:1), and we are simply returning a small percentage back to Him out of obedience / worship. For some, fame or success…even though Jesus’ name is higher than any other in all of creation (Philippians 2:9-11).

The names of presidents, actors, music stars, and dictators will all be forgotten. Even the names of our favorite Bible characters mean nothing alongside the name of Jesus. Worshipping anything other than Jesus is like willingly going to jail with the key in your pocket. Nothing in the entire universe can lead to life other than Him. There are good things in this world, no doubt, but none of them can fill the canyon inside all of us left by the fall back in the Garden of Eden. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, whom you marry, whom you vote for, what you’ve done, how others see you, what culture says you are, how you’ve succeeded, or even how you’ve failed. Every earthly thing we know will one day be but dust. Jesus is the only true, eternal source of life. Only He is worthy of all praise and adoration.

Now, when it comes to the issue of singing songs, it is a form of worship! The key ingredient of worship is humility. Music in the church is not just to fill time. It’s not just to set up the sermon. Music unifies the body, and the body is healthiest when unified. My job as a Worship Pastor is not to just sing cool songs that people might like, it's to focus the gathered body of Christ through truth sung in one, collective voice to and about God. Our worship blesses God and edifies us at the same time.

Here’s something to leave you with...

Ask God to help you identify the idols and sin in your own life (Psalm 139:23-24). Next time you’re in corporate worship, seek humility, and focus on a God who loves you and is FOR you (Romans 8:31). If you are in Christ, you will not spend eternity in hell, apart from His Presence. Thank God! He made a way for us! He loves us! Worship Him with your life, and enjoy worshipping Jesus with the saints in church!

Thanks for Reading!
- Justin Kinztel


Dove Award nominated song-writer and artist, Justin Kintzel, is the Worship Pastor at the Yukon, Oklahoma campus of where he has the incredible privilege of leading seven services every weekend. He and his wife, Ashley, are the parents of three amazing kids: two little girls and a baby boy! Justin's passions include worship leading, song-writing, graphic design, video production, and just being a dad!

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