Worship Through The Seasons - Series Introduction

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Hey Worship Exposed!

We’re excited that you are here to kick start our new series, “Worship Through the Seasons.” 

Life is crazy… It’s full of ups, downs, side turns, spirals, and many leaps of faith. To top it off, everyone is in a different season of life than others. While some may be experiencing some of the most incredible blessings, others may be experiencing some major hardships. 

Throughout the course of this series, the Worship Exposed team seeks to speak into whatever season you may be in. Whether it be the season of transition, nothing, blessing, or loss, we hope that you are able to surrender yourself and offer a genuine heart of worship to God. 

“Cherish each season of worship that God has you in and never think that you aren’t “doing it right” just because it doesn’t look like someone else’s season or someone else’s worship.” - NIKKI SILVESTRI

We have some incredible posts lined up for this series along with some amazing guest writers. Stay tuned every Friday for a new post!

God Bless!
The Worship Exposed Team