Intercultural Worship

Hey everyone, welcome back to Worship Exposed!

One Word was truly an amazing series. It was interesting to see the different words that God has placed on our hearts in relation to worship for this next year. If you haven’t read our ONE WORD Discussion series, I encourage you to go back to read it, and join the One Word Challenge.

Intercultural Worship

This month we’re going to be discussing intercultural worship. This series is a spin-off of one of our past discussions, Generational Worship. Likewise, to the Generational Worship series, we believe it is crucial to discuss the topic of intercultural worship.

So the first and obvious question would be, what is intercultural worship?

A simple search on the word intercultural provides this definition: “Something that occurs between people of different cultures including different religious groups or people of different national origins.” In past series, we have defined worship as a response to God’s glory and His gracious blessings in our lives. Combine the definitions of intercultural with worship, and we see an earthly picture of heavenly worship.

Revelation 7:9 “…Every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages…”

During the month of March, we will be discussing how we can address the culture around us (Near), how we can learn about worship from other cultures (Far), and how worship is a global reaction to a global God who connects us all (Global).

Throughout the course of this three-week series, we plan on answering questions such as:

What are the benefits of intercultural worship?
What can we learn from other cultures?
How can observing other cultures help us grow in our personal and corporate worship experience?
What are set backs to not having intercultural worship?
What are examples of intercultural worship?
How is God blessed through intercultural worship?

We will start posting discussions on March 10, so come prepared to be challenged!

God Bless,

The Worship Exposed Team