Confessions of a Worship Leader - Series Introduction

If you haven’t noticed, here at Worship Exposed, we like to be bluntly honest. There is no need to hide the truth of worship, or our individual positions on worship. This is exactly why we decided to go with this month’s series, “Confessions of a Worship Leader.

Worship leaders play a crucial role in the church. As God’s people gather together, it is the responsibility of the worship leader to encourage the congregation to enter a time of genuine worship where they are engaging personally with God. However, worship leaders (or any church leader for that matter) often get looked at as perfect people who don’t make mistakes. But the truth is… being a worship leader isn't always that glamorous. Us worship leaders are just as messed up, broken, and in need of a savior as everyone else.

So throughout the course of this series, we are going to expose some of the truths of being a worship leader. You are going to get a front row seat to our brokenness and need for Jesus. But… why would be want to expose our weaknesses? Well...

A life of transparency and service is the greatest gift we can give our congregations in worship. Worship leaders need to be present and authentic, and, at the same time, our greatest desire is to disappear that Christ might be the center of our praise. I found that this paradox is the beauty of our calling and the reason we are free to love, serve, and praise Jesus—even in the midst of our insecurities.

Brokenness is a result of a fallen world… but that brokenness should never keep us from being authentic, especially when it comes to worship. The realization of our brokenness and need for Jesus should inspire us to worship.

SO this month we are going to get very real and personal. However, you are going to gain a better understanding of the worship leader role and a better understanding of how to pray for your worship leader. In addition, it is our prayer that you are inspired to worship through the brokenness in your personal life.



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