I Am Yours - Series Introduction

Hello Worship Exposed!

We hope and pray everyone is doing well! Throughout this past month, we looked at four aspects of freedom within worship: the Freedom to Love, the Freedom to Dream, the Freedom to Serve, and the Freedom to Be. If you missed the last series or you are just now joining Worship Exposed, don’t worry! Each series is archived, just click HERE.

This Month:

This month’s series is a little bit more personal than usual. “I Am Yours” is a series that describes the life dedicated to God’s calling. Throughout the course of this next month, each of our writers will be discussing how they finally came to the moment of saying "I am Yours" to God. We will be describing how those simple three words naturally called for worship. 

In addition to this series, we will be challenging you to allow God to build you, mold you, and use you. Don’t be afraid to say "I am Yours" to God. The moment you give yourself to God will be one of the most freeing moments of your life.

This month's series is inspired by one of our past Artist Spotlights, Genie Uribe. Check out her song "I Am Yours" below.