I AM Yours - By David Conley

We all have a story…

As believers, we all can recall the moment we believed and said “God, I am Yours.” But maybe you are reading this and haven’t come to that moment just yet…but that’s OK! As you read a small bit of my story and into my challenge, I pray that you feel God staring within you to say “I AM Yours,” because it will totally, and completely change your life!

My Story:

My entire life, I have been a part of a family with strong Christian roots. My dad is a pastor, both my granddads were pastors, and my uncle was a pastor. So it is easy to state that I grew up within the church. I heard all the bible stories and I knew all about God. In fact, I was even baptized at the age of ten. Ironically, however, when I envisioned my future, I wanted nothing to do with the church. Being a pastor’s kid, I saw too much behind the scenes. I saw how “Christians” acted when they left the church building. I saw my parents broken and crushed by those within the church. I saw too much of the negative side of the church. In my eyes…the church was a hopeless cause and I wanted nothing to do with it. That is, at least, until the age of fifteen when God changed my entire view ofthe church and my calling. 

During a missions trip to El’ Recreo, Ecuador, My life completely changed. God opened my eyes to a world in need. God opened my eyes to what the church should look like. God set my soul a blaze for Him and His people. By the end of that 14-day missions trip, I dedicated my life to serve Christ in every aspect. It was through a simple missions trip that God brought me to my knees saying, “I am Yours.”

Since then, God has taken me on an amazing journey. After graduating high school, I pursued a degree at Liberty University in order to continue challenging and building my faith and my abilities. During my time at Liberty, God shaped me for His purpose. I grew in ways I would have never imaged. And here I am today… I can now boldly state that God has given me a heart to share the Gospel through music, while teaching the biblical truth of worship…and my heart is on fire for God more than ever before.

Did Catch it?

I wonder if you caught something in my story… something very specific. I mentioned that “in my eyes…the church was a hopeless cause and I wanted nothing to do with it.”  Quite honestly, I believed this lie for the majority of my childhood. But that is exactly what it is - a lie! Believe me when I say this, the church is NOT a lost cause! Read this:

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” - 1 John 3:1a

Do you see it? Do you understand? The apostle Paul is basically saying, “God is our Father and He loves us! He delights in us! He delights in YOU and ME! We are His CHILDREN!” THIS is who we are! 

Reasons Why the Church is not a Hopeless Cause:

1. WE are the Church, and WE are God’s children! As a Church….we are not perfect, but we come together as an imperfect people to worship a perfect God. And this God we worship just so happens to love us beyond what we could ever imagine! 

2. God pursues us! God takes initiative to tug at our heart to bring us close to Him. God does not leave us to figure out life alone! I absolutely love this line:

“When we realize that Jesus is the one who takes the initiative and invites us to follow him, everything changes-on multiple levels…our souls are struck by the greatness of the one who has called us. We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the words follow me because we are awed by the majesty of the “me who says them.” (David Platt, Follow Me)

In Relation to Worship

So...what does saying "I Am Yours" have to do with worship? GREAT question! Well, those three words are three of the most powerful words you will ever say. Those three words reflect a heart of surrendering to God's will. Those three words reflect a life set on God's promises. Lastly, those three words reflect a genuine heart of worship. 


I want to reinstate the original challenge of this discussion series… I want to challenge you to allow God to build you, mold you, and use you. Don’t be afraid to say "I am Yours" to God. The moment you give yourself to follow God will be one of the most freeing moments of your life. Know that God LOVES you. Know that you are NOT a hopeless cause, and nether is the church. Know that there is a bright future ahead of you!

God Bless!