At Your Name: Jehovah

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יהוה: Jehovah

Generally, when you hear the name “Jehovah” in a sermon or while talking with another brother or sister in the faith, it comes with a second name attached to it. Last week we discussed one of these names, “Jehovah-Qanna,” meaning, “I AM jealous” – I would encourage you to read that post if you have not already.


The name Jehovah is actually the anglicized form of YHWH, which probably looks familiar because it is most often connected to the name Yahweh. So, Jehovah and Yahweh are really the same name and are both rooted in Exodus 3 when God first gave Himself a name. God sent Moses back to Egypt to tell Pharaoh to release the Hebrew people, and Moses asked whom he should say is sending him. God responds with, “I AM that I AM”.

My pastor described God’s answer in this way, I Exist. I AM everything that you could ever possibly need in every situation, beyond what you can think, beyond what you could understand.” Shoot, that was insane to hear!

Whenever God would do something miraculous during the history of the nation of Israel, the people would respond in praise and refer to Jehovah in such a way that reflected what He did for them. Here are just some examples:

Jehovah Jireh (I AM Will Provide) Genesis 22:14 - Abraham was on the mountain in the process of obeying God; he was about to sacrifice his only son – a son whom God promised to Abraham. God, seeing the faith and obedience of Abraham, instead provided the ram.

Jehovah Nissi (I AM is My Banner of Victory) Ex. 17:8-15 - After Israel defeated the Amalekites, rather than raising a banner to show the winning nation, Moses built an altar. He named it and gave all of the credit for that victory to God. 

Jehovah Shalom (I AM is Peace) Judges 6:1-24 - Gideon saw an angel of the LORD face to face and was frightened. God reassured him and gave him peace.

Jehovah Rapha (I AM Heals You) Ex. 15:26 – During the plagues on Egypt, the Lord promised that no disease would fall on the Hebrew people because He is the God who heals them.

Jehovah Tsidkenu [t-sid-ken-ew] (I AM is Our Righteousness) Jer. 23:5-6 – Jeremiah prophesied of a coming king from the line of David who would be perfect and holy.

The same God who did these works for His people is the same God who came into this world as the man, Jesus. Jesus has provided for you by giving up His life as the needed sacrifice for our sin! He rose from the grave and is now our banner of victory over temptation and sin! Now, we have a renewed peace with God and with other Christians. Jesus healed us spiritually by His death and resurrection; He continually heals us emotionally through the process of sanctification. He even physically heals our bodies. Most importantly, Jesus is our righteousness before the Father.

Does this bring hope to you today? If yes, awesome! Praise God. If not, I pray that after reflecting on these truths, and processing through the challenges at the end, that hope will come!

If these truths convict you – that is okay! The good news is that there is grace, and God IS NOT upset or angry with you! He would greatly love to see you draw closer to Him through prayer, Bible reading, reflection, and praising Him for what He has done for you.


  1. Write down a list of three ways God has tangibly provided for you.
  2. Reflect on how God has won battles for you. 
  3. Have you been trying to earn your righteousness through actions, rather than recognizing that Jesus has given you His own righteousness? If so, take time to confess that. Then, accept that you are forgiven and walk in the joy of renewed fellowship with your heavenly Father!

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