New Discussion Series: At Your Name

God has been worshiped by various names throughout history. Elohim, Yahweh, Qanna, Adonai, Jehovah, El Shaddai, Abba, Emmanuel, and King… and those are just some of God’s names!

Names are used as identifiers. The different names and titles of God describe His character attributes, personality, authority, holiness, and majesty. 

Sam O’neal explains, 

“The primary reason why there are so many names for God recorded throughout the Scriptures has to do with God's nature and character. The Bible itself is meant to reveal who God is -- to show us what He is like and teach us what He has done throughout history.We will never fully understand God, of course. He is too big for our comprehension, which also means He is too big for a single name. The good news is that each of God's names in the Bible highlights a specific aspect of God's character.”

During these next two months, we hope to bring clarity to the topic of God’s different names. We will be discussing the reasons God was worshipped with and the power behind those names. We will then discuss how the names correlate to modern day worship.

It is our prayer that this study will help you grow in your understanding of and your relationship with God.

Tune in every Friday for a new Discussion Post within the current series!

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