One Word 2017 Series Introduction

Hello Worship Exposed!

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas season and an amazing New Years! Throughout the last few weeks, our team has rested and spent a lot of time with family and friends. However, we are excited to be pushing forward and diving into great worship discussions this coming year. 


During this next month, we are going to be focusing again on the One Word challenge yet again.

The One Word discussion series is based off of Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen’s “My One Word” challenge. This challenge helps individuals focus on one simple word to carry into the New Year.

“The My One Word challenge is simple: lose the long the list of changes you want to make this year and instead pick one word that represents what you most hope God will do in you in the year ahead. This process forces clarity and results in focus. It’s okay to want to be a better you — the question is, how? My One Word replaces broken promises with a vision for real change. When you choose a single word, you have a single focus. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past.”

Starting off, each of our 2016 writersare going to be reviewing their One Word and how God used that word to shape their life throughout the course of this year. Following the 2016 in Review, our writers will be discussing their One Word for 2017.

Our goal with this discussion is show how God is working in our lives and how we are responding with worship. We hope you are both encouraged and challenged throughout the course of this series.


Once again, we want YOU to join us in this challenge! We want you to prayerfully pick out ONE WORD that you believe God is calling you to focus on during this next year. Find a way to remind yourself of this word each and every day. The One Word should be a new lens in which you view life. Use this word to dive deeper into your relationship with God. Use this word to grow in your daily worship experience. 

Then we want you to SHARE your ONE WORD! Oh, and don’t forget to TAG Worship Exposed in your post:

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To learn more about the “My One Word” challenge and how to pick out your ONE WORD, click here.